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Three plus one and the back of the cottage battery comparison quality gap is shocking

Three plus one and the back of the cottage battery comparison quality gap is shocking

The three plus one launched a compact, lightweight, "no chin" iPhone smart charging, expansion shell - cool shell. Following the iPhone update, the current shell has covered iPhone 5/5s/se/6/6s/6 plus/6s plus

The original LightSync interface brings an unprecedented "no chin" look. In the past, the bulky interface that seriously affected the appearance of the battery was no longer present.

The launch of the three plus one set off the "no chin" trend of back-clip batteries, and many similar products have followed suit. Unfortunately, they are not refined.

We can see that the imitation interface is loose and not strong.

Poor mold fit

Accidental termination of charging617Ujnp0x2L._AC_SL1200_.jpg

The charging speed is too slow, and it is also charged with 75% of the power. It takes two and a half hours for a certain brand.

The reason, cheap programs and rough workmanship are the culprit. Disassembling one of the products, the scene in front of you is astounding.

Although imitating the appearance of the chin-free, but because it does not have the ability to make a three-in-one Light-Sync interface, a certain brand uses a soft-wire connection, and because the directions do not match, the cable is folded. This treatment makes the cable extremely vulnerable. What's more, the solder joint insulation of the battery connection is wrapped in paper, which has great security risks!

PCB is even more horrifying. Poor soldering, messy component arrangement. At the same time, no power management related chips were found on the PCB. Not only can the accidental protection against static electricity be realized, but even the basic charge and discharge protection is worrying.

Look at the cool shell PCB pressure shock

Three plus one PCB components are neatly arranged, and various sensors and protection circuits are available. The high-quality protection circuit and the specially-customized KN1 processor can provide precise control and protection to ensure product and user safety. Imitations using a simple scheme cannot be compared to a cool shell inside.

The three-plus-one patented LightSync interface and built-in microcomputer have been developed and improved over the past four years, and are fully optimized for various usage environments and usage habits. This is impossible to imitate easily.

In addition to charging, the three plus one expansion version can also bring users a large capacity video, audio, photo, document storage space. The smooth and convenient experience is even more impossible to re-enact.

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