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How long does it take to charge the battery pack back battery?

Speaking of the cell phone back clip battery, we have to introduce the concept of back clip battery charging time. This does not refer to the charging time of the back-clip battery to the mobile phone device, but the charging time of the power supply to the back-clip battery. Here is an algorithm that divides the capacity of the battery with the back clip by the charging current and divides it by a work conversion factor of 0.8. The time obtained is basically the charging time. For example, a back-clamp battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh is charged with a 1A charger. According to the above algorithm, it can be fully charged in about 6 hours.

When choosing a battery with a back clip, you should pay attention to the charging time. Even if it is used during the daytime charging, if it is more than 8 hours, it is difficult to match the modern people's work habits: in the morning, I found that the back clip battery plugged in last night turned out to be Still charging, this is a very unpleasant thing.

How to charge the back clip battery

If it is a digital product such as a normal mobile phone, then the normal 1A current output back clip battery is completely sufficient, but if you want to charge the iPad, you need more than 2A current, otherwise it will show even if it is connected. The device is not charging, and the user can choose according to his or her own situation.

1A output current: The mainstream back clip battery is generally a USB charging jack, and 5000 mA or even even if the product will be equipped with two or more USB ports. The biggest advantage of this is that you can charge multiple devices at the same time, saving time. However, there are drawbacks to this. For example, when multiple devices work at the same time, each interface cannot achieve the declared current output index, and the drop is necessary. This has high requirements on the circuit and quality of the back clip battery itself, and the user needs to pay attention to the selection when purchasing.

Adjustable output current: It should be noted that the output current of the USB charging port mentioned above is basically 1A, which means that such a back clip battery cannot be charged for a large current product such as an iPad, so the charging current can be The adjusted back clip battery came into being. Such a back clip battery generally has a plurality of charging output ports as standard, and the output current of each output port is marked in an obvious position, such as 1A, 2A, etc., and the user can select according to his actual use requirements. In addition, there is a single-port output, a variety of current and voltage adjustable back clip battery, because these products are expensive, bulky, and difficult to accept, the average user is difficult to meet in use, so we took it here.

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